Newsletter October 2017

26 Oct

Autumn Newsletter is out!

The UKOS team were asked to talk to experts from around the world about UKOS 3.  So far, the response has been incredibly positive.  We are seeing more and more patients each week as the study enters its final year.

UKOS newsletter autumn 2017

If you would like to be involved, please email

Call us on 02032993037

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Newsletter February 2017

28 Jul

UKOS 3 has assessed the first 20 young people

UKOS and lung function

The first 20 young people have had their lung function measured as part of the UKOS 3 study. It has been a pleasure to meet these exceptional people who are helping to to further our understanding of how to provide the best care to babies born prematurely.

We are hoping to see another 230

We are delighted with the start we have made but still have a long way to go. The larger the number of people we can measure, the better conclusions we can draw from the study.

The results of this study will help shape neonatal care in the future

UKOS 3 is unique in that it is looking at how things we do when babies are first born, affect lung development into adulthood. Such long-term studies are rare yet increasingly important to improve care in a complex population of small babies.


Having more than one baby in a pregnancy increases the risk of premature delivery. Several twins, triplets and quadruplets took part in the UKOS trial. Meeting these guys was a pleasure and we all had a great day.


Getting involved in UKOS 3

We would like to invite all those who have not yet been assessed at 16-18 years old to participate. If you would like to be involved, please drop us an email or give us a call. We will provide transport and accommodation if needed. We will also give you a £20 Amazon voucher to say thank you for your time.

Contact us today:

Professor Anne Green

Professor Janet Peacock

Dr Christopher Harris

0203 299 3037

Newsletter march/april 2014

3 Apr

Dear UKOS parents and teenagers,

We’ve just posted out in the mail to you a newsletter and a short survey, which we hope you would complete and return to us. Please email us if you have not received our package, you’d like to email us your responses to the survey, or if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


UKOS in the news

3 Apr

Following the publication of the NEJM paper, the results of the study have been reported on BBC news online and on the King’s College London website.





Term children study complete

27 Mar

We have now completed recruitment for the ‘children born at full term’ study. Thank you to those who participated!

New phase of UKOS: children born at term

12 Mar

From April 2013, we will begin a new study on children born at term.

Why are we doing this new study? 

In order to fully understand the severity of any health problems  or abnormalities we find in the UKOS children, we need to assess healthy children of the same age. Such information will help us better care for very prematurely born babies in the future.

How are we doing it?

We wish to invite friends of UKOS children as well as any children born at full term, aged 11-14 living in the UK or Ireland, who would be willing to come to King’s College London for assessment. The tests will be the same as those performed by the UKOS children at the follow-up study at age 11-14. Go to our video page to see how some of the tests are being conducted in the study. For more information, refer to The Study page, or ring us at 075440389698.

watch this space

4 Mar


We are now getting ready for the next phase of UKOS. For an extension of the study we are looking to compare the respiratory health of children born at term and children born very prematurely. We will soon be recruiting for friends of the UKOS children and children living close to King’s College Hospital, born at full term and aged 11-14 years.

More information will be posted on here soon.


1 Mar

coloured balloons for birthday holiday celebration

Recruitment for the follow-up study has now finished. We have seen 260 children and their families at King’s College Hospital, London and more than 300 completed questionnaires. To those who have participated, thank you very much! We are now starting work on analysing the data and will soon let you know about our study results.

We’re almost there!

25 Jan

caution febcalendar

Time has flown and our study is soon drawing to a close. If you have not yet send us back the questionnaires, please complete them and return to us before the end of February. If you have misplaced the questionnaires, give us a call at 02032999000 extension 8494 or send us an email and we’ll post new ones to you (or you can complete them online, please email for details).

We are ecstatic to welcome back so many UKOS children this past year and a half. February is almost fully booked out, but if you would still like to participate, do give us a ring to see if we can fit you in. If not, you can still participate by completing the questionnaires so please get in touch!

Happy new year!

7 Jan


The UKOS team hopes everyone had a lovely holiday and wishes you a very happy New Year!

(in the above photo, triplets Charlotte, Joseph and Georgia attends the assessment with Rupa (left), student helpers Jasmine, Tom and Dr. Zivanovic (right).)